Ugandian forum: Sports - Is wenger the right person for arsenal for the next season?
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12 May 2015 22:16

It has been a while since i have been an arsenal supporter but i not happy with arsene wenger. the club has not won the premier league for the last 10 years. Though the club won the FA cup last season and its probable that it might retain it this year, i feel that arsenal, as a big club, needs to do more than just winning only an fa cup.
We need to win the premier league next season.

Is Wenger the right person for next season???

13 May 2015 09:34

hehehe wat you have forgotten is that wenger is a share holder in afc it will take you guys too long to get rid of him kazi nga yayagade

13 May 2015 09:39

up 2his death

13 May 2015 15:09

no! jurgen klopp

13 May 2015 15:13

he has 2 stay

13 May 2015 15:40

premier trophy 2 big to handle arsnal cant

13 May 2015 17:48
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13 May 2015 17:52

still around

14 May 2015 03:37

not at all ,becoz wi need cups

14 May 2015 03:44

YES at all ,becoz wi need cups

14 May 2015 03:46


14 May 2015 03:48


14 May 2015 05:31
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14 May 2015 23:35


15 May 2015 22:29

i wish he does what Ferguson did - take the back sit and let the young coaches take over.
arsenal needs a younger coach to take the team to the next level

22 May 2015 23:43

best for 4th in this

4 Apr 2016 12:19

for me i still want him to stay,us if you did see what hapend to man u when fergi exited.