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10 May 2015 16:24

This is not to offend Nigerians, but the truth is:
They are so many on social network, most of them tend to be so inquisitive and so demanding right from the moment you become friends.
They have tricky ideas, conning language and most of those who you know(according to their profile status and pictures) as females are actually not females but males, WTF!
I can never be comfortable with a Nigerian on social networks just because i don't trust them and i don't want to.

14 May 2015 17:20


14 May 2015 17:27

Hehehee;; this is serious

14 May 2015 17:31

Serious indeed @Myracloe

14 May 2015 18:36

Never generalize, you may find one that is true. Besides, life is about taking risks.

14 May 2015 20:19

oga na these peaple de kill allo they de make the photocopy of the peaple you know in nigeria but that dose not mean them

14 May 2015 22:38

its very true they hav even tried to conn me almost four of them.i can even give d names dey r using here on mobofree.wats funny is dey all use d same tricks not knowing dat pipo r wise diz days.i agree 100%

18 May 2015 09:12

True they even think like kids

21 May 2015 00:44

Dats da world and its corners, u just have to keep on yo track

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