Ugandian forum: Politics - ''Povert threat"
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7 May 2015 13:48

what couses the high increase of poverty in uganda today?

7 May 2015 23:21

poverty has causes,while some ov dem cn b remvd by various measures elimintn da most complicated underlying causes remains achallenge 4 both developed and developing nations.some of the causes of poverty include landlessness,un employment lack of facilities,illitarcy,excessive breeding ,debt,trading knowledge,corruption,lack of democracy,not allowing business to keep most of their profits,epidemic deseases like AIDS and malaria access to medicine.
The above items are the cause of poverty but the real cause are more complicated than that.

8 May 2015 02:53

Many youth of Uganda are bright and talented. They try their best, but you see some come from poor families. But despite this fact, poverty is still a big problem and it is mainly and to a large percentage due to corrupt officials. These such people in big positions eat development money, and increase taxes and in the process the poor become even more poorer while they just get richer

8 May 2015 09:32

Amawanga agakulakulana,galina ebbintu byabaletela okulakulana,
ekisoka, obwesigwa ate ffe kyetutalina.
Ekyokubili.obutalimba wabula tulimba nyo.
Ekyokusatu.Okwagaliza,ffe tetwagaliza
Ekyokuna.Mukugaba emilimu baffanyo kubukugu bwomuntu,naye ffe tufa ku ani akumanyi.
Bwolowoza ekubiintubino olabba nga mazima.

10 May 2015 12:16

Corruption is de real cause