Ugandian forum: Other - Will Kagina uplift Uganda's road network
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6 May 2015 07:45

After a good performance is URA, the former Comissioner general was re-elected as UNRA boss. Will she blow the wind of change to the road sector? Are we seeing good roads ahead of us?

I am one person who believes in change especially when there is deperate need of it.
I hope to see big changes especially those corrupt guys chased out of the authority.

6 May 2015 14:17

yah, she will.

6 May 2015 18:12

Corruption is the real enemy, not ababi be nkoko.

6 May 2015 20:22

Not certain. But she will only try

6 May 2015 20:24

Not certain. But she might try she adopt a system of technical know but not know who.

6 May 2015 22:41

lets wait for her developments

8 May 2015 03:10

Quote by kayiwas
lets wait for her developments