Ugandian forum: Family & kids - What to do if your child is drinking or using drugs ?
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5 May 2015 14:23

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5 May 2015 17:39

take to rehabilitation center

5 May 2015 17:59

Analyse yourself. You might be the problem sending the adolescent to drink. Identify the peers and their characters, they could also be the problem. Then, how much freedom do you give your child? Some 'very busy' parents leave their children with servants, who are more after shopping for your child and keeping the balance. How much time you devote to them youngsters matters a great deal in their future.

5 May 2015 21:37

i guid hin on what his doing that is wrong

5 May 2015 22:39

i guid hin on what his doing that is wrong


8 May 2015 06:14

Begin by building a good relationship with him and make him believe that u absolutely care about him then u start Givin life guidlines to him.

17 May 2015 18:31

take them to a rehab

31 May 2015 19:58

rehab is the quick solution