Ugandian forum: Health - Kids having cancer??
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30 Apr 2015 22:11

when i hear this i feel like the world is coming to an end. why does cancer develop in young generation?. is it the medication that is poor ? is it the food they eat?

i think it is a result of GMOs and too many chemicals that are produced in the packed foods and drinks.. this is one of the major cause of cancer in children. but this is the food and drinks which are every corner of the market. How can one avoid this situation?

7 May 2015 18:21

The youngesters these days are constantly exposed to cancer causing agents. And the parents blindly allow them to increase this by allowing the kids to kill themselves. Watching TV, swallowing non-traditional, fast fried, foods accompanied with litres of sodas, sleep deprivation, little exercise,,,,

7 May 2015 18:27

speaking of sodas, the worst however no way in the world you can convince mothers and their children to stop taking sodas

8 May 2015 03:01

I think more medical research work is needed