Ugandian forum: Other - Scariest most daring thing you've ever done
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27 Apr 2015 23:02

Whats the most outrageous and scariest thing you've ever done and you look back amazed at the guts you had

28 Apr 2015 19:14

During my boarding school days; i was in S3, we(students) were being poorly fed, so i persinally lead a campaign to "remove" our headmaster from office. I locked his office, put the keys in my pocket & we(3/4 of the students) walked him for 4kms to the District Education Office. That was a demonstration that left most of my collegues amazed with the courage that i had.
Till now, i feel supprised with what & how i did. Oh....!!!

29 Apr 2015 00:18

Amazing, that was really courageous

29 Apr 2015 20:17
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29 Apr 2015 22:11

U were right

30 Apr 2015 17:13

I would say I haven't been so daring in my life but should start. Those who can take big risks usually achieve more.