Ugandian forum: Business - Self employment, solution to Unemployment
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26 Apr 2015 22:22

Uganda has many unemployed youth. For how long will this continue? What could be the solution, could it be self employment. Whereby someone could sit down and think of something that they can begin alone. How possible does this sound? And is it an optional solution. What other solutions do you think can end unemployment?

29 Apr 2015 19:03

education system should be revised by making more practical in order to produce the experienced personel needed for direct recruitment in the working sector ,and also self employment is nice long as one has a way in.
But just imagine an 18 old s.6 leaver with almost no ability to sustain himself ,and here parents are reluctant to their children at many times ,and yet this is the time to be close to there children and assist them catch up with the world .This can be due to some parents assume the children know much after education ,yet they should also prepare some thing for the children to do in just case.

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29 Apr 2015 23:45

ya it can, b't with conditions to take ur way through.

30 Apr 2015 00:00

actually corruption must stop, in order to get experienced personel to that exact work.Not just gambling around with unexperienced persons to the professional kind of work that its for me. Thanks

30 Apr 2015 10:12

Most youth have dreams that are not attainable. The way forward is to begin small, learn the tricks before expanding a little at a time.
Do not be tempted by the impressive outcome of the starting phase.
Agriculture, poultry, piggery,,,, are some short term but high profit ventures.

30 Apr 2015 16:50

To attain a big dream starts with going through small beginning steps. Like they say you can never reach the summit without starting from the valley