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25 Apr 2015 01:35

Too much or too less of anything is rarely good.

Even if it be good.
If you're too polite you'll be taken for granted
If you're too rude you'll be avoided
If you over work you'll become stressed
If you work less you'll not achieve
If you over enjoy life and play around having too much fun you'll become a failure
If you have very little fun in life you'll be misserable
If you are too harsh on yourself you'll live miserably
If you are too soft on yourself you'll never achieve
If you over sleep you'll become poor
If you under sleep you'll be fatigued
If you overreact people will think you're a freak
If you underreact the'll think your borring
If you read too much you'll become an impractical book worm
If you read less you'll be left behind
If you over fear situations you'll miss out
If you don't have any fear you'll go beyond your boots

In whatsoever we do lets be optimum in it all, for there is true efficiency.

6 May 2015 16:56

Good Message!

6 May 2015 17:18

Thank you.