Ugandian forum: Education - How would you compare you school life to that of nowadays?
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24 Apr 2015 07:45

Gone are the days when i used to walk to school by myself. it was the 90s, i used to go to bat valley primary school. i remember we used to put on white shirts, blue shorts, red stockings. i came to realise today that it was fun walking to school and coming back by yourself. but nowadays life has changed, kids are driven to school and driven back home. i think when you walk to school and walk back home you see and lern many exciting things around you that is in case the school is not far from you.

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26 Apr 2015 16:00

walkn to skul z at times good but tiresome

26 Apr 2015 22:48

when you are in group i dont thinks it tires, but its interesting

27 Apr 2015 15:25