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24 Apr 2015 07:37

Ravi jay finally confessed infront of everyone in the so called "Mansion" that he slept with his brother's wife Laali. i think he did the right thing to confess earlier than later.its good that he listened t what his wife told him to confess and ask for forgiveness and move on. i say so because it would be quite unbearable for sheekah to learn later than he has been fathering his elder brother's child. the person he hates most among all people living in the Mansion.

Do you think Ravi jay did the right thing at this stage?? Was it the right time to confess ? What will happen to Laali?

24 Apr 2015 11:03

If the brother realy hated him then it depends on their past life or childhood. For them to grow to that level either they have grudges or tentions and for the brother to confess means he knows his brothers temper. But to me blood is thiker than water.

24 Apr 2015 11:45

Well, the man is right to confess coz it wil help everyone to decide or judge

24 Apr 2015 18:42

what will happen to llaali? what is sheeka going to do?