Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - How old were you when you first fell in love?
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22 Apr 2015 18:01

at which age did you meet your first lover. Do you wish you could get them back if you separated?
They say that the first person you meet and fall in love is the true one.

23 Apr 2015 20:09

at 20years

23 Apr 2015 20:20

I was 18 when I first asked her out

24 Apr 2015 08:54

I was 19

24 Apr 2015 09:09

I was 19yrs en not really that the first person u fel in luv with is the right one its a big nooooooooo

24 Apr 2015 09:09

dont comment that .ey said it is true coz first cut is the deepe..

24 Apr 2015 09:18

2back .at mean i was 13(true love)

24 Apr 2015 11:28

a woz 22

24 Apr 2015 11:34
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24 Apr 2015 11:45

25yrs but nont true friend

24 Apr 2015 11:46

iwoz 14 yrz old

24 Apr 2015 11:55

15yer oid

24 Apr 2015 15:53

at 17 i fall in luv wth a gal bt fortunately i ddnot hv sx wth her i thnk God for tht.
Its Absolutely Not, tht the 1st prson u mit en fall n luv wth tht is the one to luv?ABSOLUTELY NEVA!!!!!

24 Apr 2015 21:00


25 Apr 2015 00:53

Guys never let go of your one true love, whom I think to be the very first one coz it feels more special than the rest. As you know and have experienced that normaly the first thing you create is usually better than the ones that follow.

25 Apr 2015 00:55

And am still with my first true love. She's special like a miracle sent from heaven.

25 Apr 2015 01:09

Hope you find true love and tips up; never stay with someone if in some way they hint that they don't really love you.

29 Apr 2015 19:31

i got mine at 6years

29 Apr 2015 19:33

Why do u ask such a question

30 Apr 2015 21:43

15 years