Ugandian forum: Jokes - What would you do if you caught your spouse red handed cheating?
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22 Apr 2015 17:53

What would be your most immediate reaction?

22 Apr 2015 23:22

As me alady I just let go, there's no explanation you can give me to show you love me, it's over

23 Apr 2015 09:12

as me i don't just give up, i first give u a 2nd chance if u use it in a wrong way then i leave u

23 Apr 2015 09:16

Uhmm its too complicated

23 Apr 2015 09:21

if she goes 4 an other man it means she is fed tp ov me so i just cheel her

23 Apr 2015 09:25

I jast let it go

23 Apr 2015 09:42

i just ignore n thats all

23 Apr 2015 10:28

I pretend as if i didn't see her!

23 Apr 2015 10:44

I ignore him,put myself together as i remain silent then move on alone! Than causing ascenerio when he found smthg better in her than in me.

23 Apr 2015 10:57

for me i jst be the brother in law to that man dey go 2gether

23 Apr 2015 11:08

The end of the road, iwill inform her relatives and hand her to them.

23 Apr 2015 13:42

People It's better to just join them in the act.

23 Apr 2015 14:38

i kis her up

23 Apr 2015 19:43

I let go ov it coz he isnt the first born ov men.

23 Apr 2015 19:56

I pretend nt to have seen then he waits for d repercussion;; pay bak tym later on;;

23 Apr 2015 19:57

But #_Scovia don't you think you should 1st know why he does so????.....

23 Apr 2015 20:01

Take your spouse for counseling and let it be an open forum know where the problem is. you never know maybe you are the problem which has resulting into him/her to cheat

23 Apr 2015 20:01

#_Myracloe revenge isn't the better solution to that!

23 Apr 2015 20:04

life is very funny i just let it go

23 Apr 2015 20:05

In such asituatn it wud actually fynd it more pleasurable;;other thn makng ascene @William