Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - What are the chnaces of finding true love on social networks?
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22 Apr 2015 04:19

on a scale of 10 what is the chance of finding love online?

22 Apr 2015 12:57


22 Apr 2015 16:11

no chance

22 Apr 2015 22:08


23 Apr 2015 21:00

its fake 1/10

23 Apr 2015 21:07

Let's try to separate real and fake then @_nants42

23 Apr 2015 22:09

I will give it 5/10,coz there are really some true loving hearts that are willing to give anything to get there true lovers on network for wc others baajifula b'ss of feaking p'ple nga they lie to em so that bafune sente............,you know things like that!.....

23 Apr 2015 22:12

how do we increase our chances finding this special person and when we meet him/her whw do we knw its our soulmate?
u dnt find lv , lv comes to u if u really wnt to find true lv b patient,iknw its v hard bt b patient as warning once u r ready to do anythng 4 your lv get ready to go through check lot of things,its lv what did u thnk ,it was gonna b easy?
make yr pblic profile interesting . engaging, and honest .remember,this what people will digest when they look at yr profile.if u take time to add interesting details about who u r and where u come 4rm ,what u like and what u find funny ,chances r the right sort of person will respond .if u r dishonest in u r profile ,people u meet in person will eventually figure that out probably wont respond well.
make agenuine effort to reach out to people .send interesting msgs and take time to craft an engaging msgs."i noticed u r in the auto industry ,what do u think of this new car model ?"is much like here to elicit response than hey, whats up?.

24 Apr 2015 23:44

Did u say love or infatuation??

24 Apr 2015 23:50

That strongly depends on your personality. And the actual realisation of your needs,

24 Apr 2015 23:51


25 Apr 2015 00:45

infatuation is a short lived attraction to another person. But think of it, when a special relationship is just starting, you cannot tell if it will be short lived or not. Only time can tell. @_Myracloe

25 Apr 2015 22:02

i think it depends on how you package your mindset and also the recipient matters alot

scale is 5/10

28 Apr 2015 17:47

What % do you give it @_Myracloe?

28 Apr 2015 22:11

Haaa; honestly so very pesimistic wen it comes to it; in that case.i ts I/IO @Williams

28 Apr 2015 22:41

Why do you give it 1 @_Myrcloe

28 Apr 2015 22:55


29 Apr 2015 10:49

Nowadays;things have changed. Pips r so inconsistent; they r always jumping from one bird to the other;; that word "true luv" is so anachronistic. Pips r so much of introverts; u give it out to some one, u become d loser! I mean d heart.

29 Apr 2015 11:28

At tymz not that everyone is after that!

29 Apr 2015 11:31

Oh yah; thats y i gave it 1