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21 Apr 2015 00:27

Do you also believe in love at first sight? I don't.

21 Apr 2015 10:04

That is "LUST" not love.
Love is like EDUCATION, its a course to undertake.
There is failure and success points
Love is like GROWTH, certain things come up at the right time/age

21 Apr 2015 15:11

love at first site is true, happened t o me

21 Apr 2015 18:30

nada thz jhus crap.assured

21 Apr 2015 22:55

Luv at first sight some times depends on you two`s destiny, thats if you were destined to ever fall in love with each other then you really "MUST" cause none can resist destiny when it comes up to you cause its a making by the Gods(our superiors) and we are only creatures made by them.God bless & peace be with you all Amen.

22 Apr 2015 01:19

To me,love have stages,knowing the person in and out..accepting them and last falling for them.lest they end up breaking the heart u used to love with them. Thats lust!

22 Apr 2015 01:28

2 me i dont think so becoz love nids more time 2 study en understand each other,its lyke a busines wea u hav 2 be patient 4 de interest,there4 love is an understandable game or subject 2 me

22 Apr 2015 03:50

I would call it an attraction at first sight which if well nurtured can develop with time into real love

22 Apr 2015 11:03

There'll be a time of intense attraction,then in-love and honeymoon.,its now tht u actually start knowing abt others,doubting(annoyance)n its here tht u feel love.If u decide to create room 4 each other's characters,then its love.