Ugandian forum: Education - Keep your dream alive
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19 Apr 2015 03:18

Dreams create a sense of hope in us. Hope is a driving force for live so everyone needs hope. Through our dreams we hope for a better tomorrow and feel like we are moving somewhere. Let's keep our dreams alive. How? Consistantly believe that is is possible then take moves that orient around your dream. Never let anyone discourage you. Remember, the greatest things done in this world were challenged by people who said they were impossible. In reality nothing is impossible. Impossible can be unveiled through taking several appropriate steps that are possible till you achieve it. Dreams surely do come true!

20 Apr 2015 16:25

coning agirl by aboy

21 Apr 2015 22:16

Dats 4 sho bro,big ups 2 to u.

22 Apr 2015 03:30

There's that feeling of excitement and positive force you get when you think of your dream as a reality. It can keep you going ahead.