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17 Apr 2015 03:33

1. Focus - Do a particular thing and perfect in it rather than running for many ventures that look attractive. It's better to do one thing to your best than to do many things badly.

2. Start something that you are interested in - Don't take a business venture because there's a lot of money but do so because it is something you like and are naturally good at. Something that you can freely do as a daily activity. And you know you are mostly likely to do well something that rhymes with your strengths.

3. Know what you know and what you don't know - Avoid the I know it all attitude. No one knows it all. Get to know the people that know what you don't and learn from them.

17 Apr 2015 19:07

Ensure Your Resource.
Stop Burning
Your Resource.

18 Apr 2015 10:19
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