Ugandian forum: Jokes - Can you die for your lover?
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10 Apr 2015 14:50

Can you love someone more than you love yourself?

21 Apr 2015 23:24

Not atall

22 Apr 2015 03:27

Tho crazy it's possible to love someone more than yourself. The question is, is it healthy?

24 Apr 2015 19:09

if you die for your lover then there will be no love so i cant die for my lover

27 Apr 2015 23:00

if you don't die for your lover your lover will die for you

9 May 2015 22:05

not at all

16 May 2015 08:26

First you need to understand LOVE and its values... To me i can't.!. coz life and love are too diffrent. Love is replacable, unlike life.

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16 May 2015 08:30

Yov guys u watched too much of . Romeo and juliet.

18 May 2015 19:32

It would have been better if de world was still as it was but now days? One needs to be careful!

18 May 2015 19:39

And more to dis, it comes as a result ov true love. Does true love still exist?

19 May 2015 18:10

These days everyone thinks of only themselves and how they can get money from others. I wonder where we are headed like this?

19 May 2015 19:33

i rili think dats nt possible coz even wat pipo try 2 copy "Romeo en Juillent" dat wz jst a movie o mayb ts mi hu doesnt kno wat luv rili z coz i dnt hv a lover yet

19 May 2015 20:36


29 May 2015 22:44

First Of All One Must Understand, What Love
` Is Love A Decision ?
` Is Love A Judgment?
` Is A Promise?
` Is A Feeling?
U Can't Answer
The Question...
To Is Also Another
Confusing Question? `

6 Jun 2015 23:36

haa my frd die z nt plan

7 Jun 2015 00:57

Not atall