Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - Possibilites of #Young step slping out wit there Elderly step childrn
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7 Apr 2015 00:51

Imagine am a father aged 35yrs wit 2 boys aged 17 and 14yrs nd brought in a new wife to live wit me who is 25 there mum is gone. Bt concidentaly my new wife goes to bed wit my 17yr old whn ever i leave 4 wrk nd t happend sme gd tyme nw. Nd just 4 the boy to fall sick nd taken to hsptl nd b told dat his HIV+ and the transmittion is 4rm the step mum nd yet the father is negative. Wat do u as the over all

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9 Apr 2015 13:06

incest is forbiden

9 Apr 2015 13:32

hmm twakowa

10 Apr 2015 00:21

Its absolutely as u say bt fore warned is fore armed

10 Apr 2015 00:22

It is bt wats the way 4ward to net it dwn