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2 Apr 2015 17:04

Can you business completely fall apart? What do you do when you are completely penniless? Do you have a backup plan? If not better get one

3 Apr 2015 23:18

many would have had but money is the key.

4 Apr 2015 17:44

True dat, money is fundermental to drive most things, but with power comes greate responsibility and discipline also

4 Apr 2015 18:26

Money is the key brain is the pilar you hve to hve both of them to start a business

4 Apr 2015 18:32

Imagine what you would do if you lost it all, think of the people you would run to, those that would genuinely help you, those few among friends. Never treat them badly because you are wealthy

6 Apr 2015 00:31

we are too economical!.

6 Apr 2015 01:18

The Reason Is.
We Are

6 Apr 2015 01:22

It is better to inssure your business to overcome the risks of losses.

6 Apr 2015 01:56

we are too economical!.