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30 Mar 2015 01:03

Does Agirl Who Love U Refuse To Have Sex With U?

30 Mar 2015 10:13

Yes,coz love is not all about sex.

30 Mar 2015 12:27

Whatevar love is alwaweis is not ubaut sex but if some one mix love with romantc iamsuea u are going last fore evar in u relatoin ship?

30 Mar 2015 12:29

Those who are thinking that Love is 2 have sex ure sham sham sham SHAM............

30 Mar 2015 12:43

yes,if am nt in ma moods,its nt amust tt we hv to do it!

30 Mar 2015 12:47

Well if its love with romatic,ofcorse samone will ask u 4 sex,.

30 Mar 2015 13:04

Prettie34 letsay u d one in mood en yours not how do u feel?

30 Mar 2015 18:12

At a right time in a right place u can have it

31 Mar 2015 01:20

if she feels it will be ok

31 Mar 2015 07:10

On side I thnk sex doesn't matter , if tym comz for it u will bt its gd to force each of in it wen he she z nt ready for it

31 Mar 2015 14:18

Make a clear difference between LOVE and LUST. The two never mix, just like cats never stay together with dogs!

31 Mar 2015 16:43

y nt

31 Mar 2015 17:46

Love is not all about sex ,love comes from da heart den it flows to all put of ur body from my side i say when u are in arelationship u should wait until u are married then u can enjoy sex at da right time in da right place i hope u dont mess ur lives my fellows

1 Apr 2015 16:58

seriouly 'damn' how can u h'v a g.f n u don't play sex
its better u abtain its d only way u can deny fire 4m burning by denying it firewood though to a lesser extent its possible depending on d couple.

2 Apr 2015 05:48

hahaha yes

2 Apr 2015 06:27

yah if posibo

2 Apr 2015 07:56