Ugandian forum: Religion - One bible but different religions?
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28 Mar 2015 21:27

Wow! what a religious confusion. We all follow on book but believe differently. We even look down upon each other, try to prove our religions right, boast around about it, despise other people's religions and much more. Religion is bringing division.

But on second thought, what is religion? and is it from God or Humans? Well I know that the bible is from God. Lets start following the word of God and not get carried totally away by some religious overdrive.

30 Mar 2015 16:22

This problem was brought by Pastors, U see these days every pastor try 2 have his/her church.Thats why u find people says me i go 4 Pastor KB church els pastor KM church, samething like that.

30 Mar 2015 20:55

That's very true Adam. But God is one and the body of Christ should also show unity. Where there is division there is weakness. It would be good for Christians not to show discrimination towards the fellow Christian bodies. Am sure we would go very far. And also to base on the Bible primarily and not so religion strict.