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28 Mar 2015 21:13

There will be a vast increase in knowledge then shall come the end of the world and the commence of the rapture. We are surely living in the last days; the vast increase in knowledge proves it. Nuclear weapons, the smart system development, swift transport making the glob seem so small. People, the world will end soon. It's high time we make up our mind on our standing with God. Now is the time. It's never too late, at least not until the world comes to a halt.

30 Mar 2015 20:59

dats very true bro! n thnx 4 remindin us

31 Mar 2015 15:40

The only thing we are waiting for is the coming back of JESUS.but the question still stands"r we ready"

4 Apr 2015 17:47

Let's hope by that time we are, coz if not....... I don't know