Ugandian forum: Travel - Passing throug South Africa
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27 Mar 2015 21:10

South Africa is just becoming stricter ans stricter with Ugandans. Oba why? My sisters want to travel to Swaziland to see Mom. They want to move from Uganda to South Africa and then use road transport to Swaziland but the embassy of South Africa won't allow them to transit in South Africa, instead, they want them to use air which is very expensive for us.

The first time they got their visa's, they were only given 5 hours of passing through South Africa to and fro which is not enough time. They went back to the American embassy to apply and get other visas and this time they gave them 24 hours which still is not enough. But they said 24 hours was the maximum they could give them in South Africa.

Transit though South Africa has become a tag of war for the East African. Why? we don't know.

Could anyone be having a better solution on how we can travel to Swaziland without passing through South Africa and cheaply?