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27 Mar 2015 20:24

For tremendous strength, for health, for self discovery, for an enhanced self esteem, and for overcoming one's self; do martial arts.....

Martial arts training builds endurance and strengthens the body muscles for maximum exertion. Makes you feel lively and energetic most of the times.

People who constantly do exercises of all sorts tend to lower their blood pressure, lowering their chances of getting heart attack. They also burn fats so that they don't get obese. Their blood flow increases due to lowered blood resistance. Martial arts additionally coordinates the body and the mind.

Self discovery;-
By expressing yourself through martial arts you get to know more about yourself.

Self esteem;-
Doing martial arts makes you feel proud of yourself.

Overcoming one's self;-
Everyone needs not to overcome others but need to overcome themselves. For example you have a neighbor who is so annoying or one of your teammates is boastful. Instead of thinking of ways of changing that person, think of how you can change yourself to overcome the situation. You've heard of the saying " You may not change other but you can change yourself ". In martial arts one has to overcome themselves also. The true opponent is not the other person but it is one's self. Hope you understand what I mean.