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26 Mar 2015 14:52

Obese people are at very high risks of getting pressure and in the long run heart attacks.

You can tell if you are obese by calculating what is called "Body Mass Index"(BMI). To calculate you BMI, measure you height in meters and you weight in kilograms. Then you BMI is calculated as ;

BMI = weight / (height squared)

If you BMI is above 23 you are said to be obese. If it is below 18 your under weight and if it's within 18-23 you are in the safe zone.

If you are exercising to cut weight, knowing your BMI will help you keep track of you exercising. You can know if you are in the safe zone by calculating your BMI or if you still have to do more exercises.

So if you are above the safe zone I advice you to start searching for ways of cutting weight. The best place to start would be to see a doctor and you could also try recommended exercise and dieting for people who want to cut weight. It's better to choose natural ways to cut weight other than using drags, because they always have side effects and could be adverse.

30 Mar 2015 00:12

thanks for ur advice