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26 Mar 2015 14:21

Love is something sweet, really. I mean true love.
The kind that does not care about money, fame but
just a special fondness. A fondness that can endure
any inconveniences and thinks positive toward the other.
However, the sad and true news is that this such love
is fading away being replaced with opportunistic love.
Let's return to the pure love. Let's fight for true love
not money or power.

27 Mar 2015 18:17

U may b right.

27 Mar 2015 18:45


27 Mar 2015 19:03


27 Mar 2015 20:32

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27 Mar 2015 20:42

For Real Tudeyo Gyetwasokera.....!

27 Mar 2015 20:51

seriously true

27 Mar 2015 21:51

man keep da fire burning

28 Mar 2015 07:39

you're truely rite

28 Mar 2015 15:41

ur ryt bt d u think dat cn hpn we jst hv 2 acpt the fact.

28 Mar 2015 16:51

Its true but it can't be reversed coz rich,shy,and showing off guys all use money to tame a girl,so these girl pretend to have heard all kinds of words so they switched to profitable love which was enforced by the rich guys,shy but has money kind of guy,and these guys who want to showoff i have more and the guys are love players who can't settle with a single lady but they play a cycle of money love causing to love inflation,so time to come love will be based on property such as land tittles,flat how many do u own,but will never be reversed,so love the one who loves u don't yarn for a high class when u are of a low class look for ur class to have equal love!.

28 Mar 2015 20:03

tts apoint,

29 Mar 2015 08:06

True love is never materialistic

29 Mar 2015 13:26

True love doesnt quit!! isnt it??

29 Mar 2015 18:50

That is all about true love

29 Mar 2015 18:50

Wow its a real point to de cauplers.

29 Mar 2015 21:26

True luv iz based 4rm de heart de affection u feel 4 someone nt minding abt class or materials

29 Mar 2015 22:31


29 Mar 2015 22:51

Never love somebody for his or her wealth coz it fade away love that person for who he or she is what matter is love and happiness,love some one who makes ur day bright coz it takes a minute to love someone but it takes a life time to forget someone i hope u fine ur true love ,thanks

30 Mar 2015 00:18

gwe asinga man