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24 Mar 2015 22:52

True story.

Once upon a time there was a very totally poor man, the man had nothing apart from his day his wife came to him with good news fot him,and ask do you know honey today i've got a job for you in the big company in the town,do you intrested in it honey??

The man was very surprised,excaited and happy as you know to get a job where you were not excepting!,at the same time the man then accepted the office swiftly.

Three months later the man became rich and started owns his mansion and cars,he was very happy living with his lovely charm wife.

A year past the man just got an information from one of the company's workers that the company's manager had sex with his wife in exchange for giving him the job,the man got very angry by the and then ,the man went back home to ask his one and only charm lovely wife.on getting home the man shouted andguestioned his wife about the information he got?.The wife didn't deny the accusation,she told his hasband that "it's true honey",I had to do it because I love you so much and could nolonger see you suffering.crying so bitterly.


let gooooooooooooo......

25 Mar 2015 09:51

Man thnx for the topic bt as me Henry I would hv for give coz she do that for the seek of our happiness n its good to involve the third person in yo love coz they always cause prbz to yo love

25 Mar 2015 15:22

For i would forgive coz she was there for me in hard time and what she did was to make us out of the hard time,but there will still be pending qns in my minds. 1.what would be the promises that manager made to that lady putting a job aside coz u must promise earth and heaven to a lady to reach that extent, 2.How were the service she got was it better than the one she is used to,3.The relation between the two were they friends before,is she still in connection with the manager,4.To be safe u wonder whether they went protected,if not am i healthy,was she at one time pregnant for the manager u can check the children coz every tree to be firm there are roots down,so after all that investigation i forgive her!.

25 Mar 2015 18:15

I Kill You

25 Mar 2015 22:16


26 Mar 2015 04:33

Love Comes From Da Heart Remb When U Get Married U Will Forever Be Stuck To Dat Person ,if I Were Da One I Would Forgive And Forget Althought It Hurts But She Did It For Love So Ladies Be Very Careful With Ur Bosses Some Promote U In Exchange For Love Be Aware

26 Mar 2015 06:41

i would forgive n forget within a second

26 Mar 2015 16:20

She Was Right! No Penalty...

26 Mar 2015 18:50
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27 Mar 2015 08:10

if it waz u? naye
nze musonyiwa
kuba banji abamukwana bobera tonamanya so nkusonyiwa

27 Mar 2015 20:49

First I would be very disappointed with myself for not knowing the kind of wife I married. We should have both agreed before hand that we don't mind being poor in marriage, and that we are willing to wait until the right way of getting rich comes.
I would forgive her on the terms that she we both quit everything. That is if she still truly loves me.

28 Mar 2015 07:01

i have seen all yr comments but i still remain her

28 Mar 2015 15:53

nothing can chng the past i jst 4get evrythng & continue wz my 1 & only.

28 Mar 2015 16:55

Talk but if he war yr husand wat wod u do

30 Mar 2015 18:36

I 4give as long as am getting riches