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21 Mar 2015 09:32

Hai am confused who can give me happiness

A. boy B. girl and show it

21 Mar 2015 09:32

A grl....

23 Mar 2015 21:46

Only God Can Give U Da Happiness U Deserve Dear Mankind Can Also Make U Happy But They Can Become Angry So Choose Your God As Ur Best And Forever Friend To Make U Happy For Da Rest Of Ur Life

23 Mar 2015 22:20

Its stated that the one who made u cry,is the raal one who can make u happy again either way.So u have cofused ur self and so u need ur self to get ur self,so sit,relax,think and reply ur self thats why i say u need a boy and that boy is u rite!.

16 Apr 2015 15:45

any, it depends on you