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12 Mar 2015 19:56

Can u stay wiz out religion?

17 Mar 2015 21:03

many people associate the word religion to islam,christianity or judaism but religion word is much more than that,religion in short form is'lifestyle' believe or nt yr lifestyle is yr religion.religion is atemplated with basic fields,WHO MADE LIFE? WHY HE MADE? WHAT HE WANT FROM YOU?in other word how shld we spend our time in this? any answer to the above question will form areligion regardless of the anwers,WHO MADE LIFE?no one, WHY HE MADE? idont know WHAT HE WANT FROM YOU? nothing HOW SHOULD WE SPEND OUR TIME IN THIS WORD? as iwish this acomplete religion but the question will be is it true or felse answers''what i want to say no one can live asingle moment whthout areligion''but he can live with true or false religion deepening on his answers.