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6 Mar 2015 17:48

Love is as much of an object as an obsession
everybody wants it
everybody seeks it bt few ever achieve it
those who do,will neva cherish it,be lost in it and among all.never...........never forget it.
what do u say??

6 Mar 2015 19:30

send it to ur lover

9 Mar 2015 23:13

the love, btn u and i as we needed and accepted it,,, the most vital is the trust we can bring 2gether for us to keep it living once 4ever and 8 other moments to go by...

10 Mar 2015 13:59

Wao swt

10 Mar 2015 18:23

you too and so do i dear!

10 Mar 2015 20:42

What do u mean?

14 Mar 2015 13:25

but think, why

15 Mar 2015 16:42

i mean u r so swt, why i like u

29 Mar 2015 15:35

So swt