Ugandian forum: Jokes - Whats The Difference??
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12 Feb 2015 10:32

Some People Mistakes Love And Sex Bt Let Me Ask U People...Whats The Difference Between The Two

12 Feb 2015 17:25

Da difference iz de simillerity.

12 Feb 2015 20:08

sex is an enjoyment btn two partners nd act dat expresses partial love whereas love is a totalcommitment wishing da best fr yo partner.

13 Feb 2015 10:17

woa,,men u can have sex wiz someone u don't lov,wheras lov z apositve fellin towrd someone..

31 Mar 2015 10:53

Sex is a subset of Romantic love but it does not exclusively exist there. Sex can be subset of other categories like prostitution, sexual desire among others.