Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - Age Does Matter?
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10 Feb 2015 13:20

Some People Say That A Boy Must Be Older Than His Girlfriend."So Age Does Matter In Love?"How?

10 Feb 2015 17:44


11 Feb 2015 00:02

even the prophet(Muhammad)married khadijah of 40 when he was 25. so age doesnt matter da main thing is loving each other

11 Feb 2015 07:48


11 Feb 2015 18:21

May i say dt luv knws no boundaries nor age

11 Feb 2015 21:11

In true love age does matter

11 Feb 2015 21:49

Lubex bera serious kukyomukwano age matters

11 Feb 2015 21:50

It does

12 Feb 2015 08:57

u meant.."does age matter?"..i say age is a question of mind over matter. if u dont mind, then it jst dont matter.

2 Apr 2015 23:28

age matters

2 Apr 2015 23:31

It doesn't matter

30 May 2015 12:39

AGE Shouldn't Matter In
Relation Ship Because love

does not matter in ages if they love and respect each 0ther then is all alright just be loyal with your partner. most people say that it matter but that's no true all you need is trust and always have a conversation.

30 May 2015 16:41

age bracket between (18 - 40) it dont matter but 45 and above, it really matter

31 May 2015 18:49

whether older or younger there's no prob unless they are not in the same age brackt

31 May 2015 19:30

yes,it matters alot to me,

31 May 2015 19:54

i think it matters to some individuals however, it does not matter to other individuals

6 Jun 2015 11:59

Dosn't Matter

6 Jun 2015 23:27


16 Jun 2015 10:01

Ya bt not always depending on the age of the person and his appetite for a relationship

16 Jun 2015 11:39

Age does matter for a relationship to be a good one. This is because age difference gaps can also influence alot in a relationship for instance your hobbies with your partner, your way of interaction and others. If say the gap is more than 10years, the communication levels are going to be a huge problem in that what one sees is fit the other will be not in agreement in the end conflicts will arise making the who relationship fail.