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6 Feb 2015 22:52

Girl: So what are you trying to say?
Boy: I think we should break up.
Girl: Why..
Boy: I don't know, I'm just not feeling it
anymore. I'm sorry. I mean, if you want, we
could be friends or something
Girl: You can't be serious right now
Boy: I'm sorry.. It's not you at all, it's me. I
just want to be single and do what I want
without getting in trouble and needing
permission for it. I'm not ready for a
Girl: But you told me you loved me.. You
made me all of these promises.. You made
me fall for you and I gave myself to you..
How can you do this to me..
Girl: There's someone else, isn't there? Just
be honest with me
Boy: There's nobody else. I just want to be
single. It was fun while it lasted right?
Girl: You're such a fucking asshole. Don't
ever talk to me again
Boy: It is what it is
The next few days, the girl goes online and
see the boy post up pictures with him and
another girl and then she texts him;
Girl: Thought there wasn't another girl, huh..
You liar
She got no response. Another few days go
by and she's been thinking about him
nonstop and she finally gave in and texted
him saying;
Girl: I miss you.. Can we please talk..
Again, she got no response. She still visits
his social networks to see what's new with
him and be up to date with his life. The
feelings are still there and she knows she
should move on but she just can't. Once
again, she texts him;
Girl: I hope everything has been well with
you. Text me when you get the chance,
okay? I want us to try being friends
No response once again. Within a couple of
weeks, she saw that he is now in a
relationship with that other girl. At this
point, she's just done. She feels lied to, led
on, betrayed, fucked over. Now she's done
giving a shit.
Awhile after that, she's finally gotten over
him and moved on. She's begun seeing
someone now and he's pretty cool. One
day, she posts a picture of him and her
online and guess who texts her?
Boy: Hey! It's been awhile. I hope everything
has been good for you. Text me when
you're free. I miss you. We should hang out
and catch up
She saw his text and laughed, because only
when he saw her with another guy, he
decided to pay attention to her again and
start acting like he cares. She knows he did
that out of jealousy and he's probably not
happy with the girl he basically dropped her
for so that's why he's trying to talk to her
Moral of this story? Appreciate what you
have while you have it, bro. Don't go
chasing something that you think would be
better for you when you're already with the
best because by the time you realize it,
another guy realized it sooner before you
did and it's too late for you...... True or false???

9 Feb 2015 11:05
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