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25 Jan 2015 17:38

is it possible for a family member to backbite you, carryout witchcraft on you? if so advise me friends what can i do?

27 Jan 2015 14:10

put everything in prayer dia!

28 Jan 2015 15:30

witch craft is a mind set up u can chose to believe in it to work or ignore to over power it after all what u see in the physical world is been created by yo self in yo mind...jst dont get it twisted.."yo world without is a reflection of yo world with in"

28 Jan 2015 19:31

hala at me I know how to handle witches I really hate people that make others feel so uncomfortable
call me n show me that witch ull catch the highlights wen am done with that witch

29 Jan 2015 10:47

If u put ur minds on wat pipo do or thnk o u,u wil fall ok?so jxt be ur slf en let thgs go bcz God neva slumbers

31 Jan 2015 18:52

it is not gd but even u. u con do wat he/she did

1 Feb 2015 18:25

trust in God.for what is done in darkness will come to in light.just be strong.
the battle is not yours .leave to the one in whom u believe!!

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2 Feb 2015 04:18


2 Feb 2015 11:02

if u think all wat has been said may not help then go away from them and start a new life in God who is above all

4 Feb 2015 02:48

Need more prayers some people are evil

4 Feb 2015 15:26

it's true

5 Feb 2015 13:17

Hello,how do u feel that forced u to write,if its just a qn,its true they do!,but if u have any effect somehow u tell coz we've seen many live are gone by those and i've never seen a prayer scaring away the witchcrafts so never listen to prayer advises unless u want to watch ur dead body so for more advise am here 0703761949

6 Feb 2015 10:03

what goes around,comes jesus first then GOD..

6 Feb 2015 14:50

it's true but remain faithful to God who is above all.