Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - DOES REAL LOVE STILL EXISTS??
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12 Jan 2015 14:44

U Know Am Not Yet Married!,there Times I Ask Myself,will I Get The Right Person To Be With??,won't My Life Change When I Marry?,won't My Heart Get Broken?,will I Realy Be Agreat Husband/dad??,will I Be Good At Resolving My Family Desputes??,won't I Sale My Freedom When I Get Married??.Bt Wat Botherz Me Most Is That Will I Get Areal & True Love?,or Is There Still True Love In Existence???.

13 Jan 2015 13:14

It is vry hard 2 tel the rght 4m wrng person

13 Jan 2015 13:24

Yeah, you will. Life is what you make it. Just take positive perspective of it, you gonna find it simple, easy and wonderful. That, however, doesn't mean that you will not find problems. They'll be there, and in multitudes. MAN IS A PROBLEM SOLVING ANIMAL. Without problems, our lives lose a sense of direction. Man up. (Contact me on:

13 Jan 2015 13:24

the major problem is that u can't see the heart of the one u love

13 Jan 2015 13:27

that's right but remember"no sweet without sweat"

15 Jan 2015 02:52

istill hav true love

15 Jan 2015 06:48

I also feel the same i think true love lost value now people take it like nothing

15 Jan 2015 09:39

i biliv t stil xist bhu ts ol gat thru ving faith n alwaiz being prayerful ma frnd

15 Jan 2015 10:38

You asked so many questions but I'll give you two answers for all: 1.Nobody is right/perfect in the whole world. 2.True love exists,but how is this true? Jesus Christ is the only perfect who makes perfect & gives true love have him and have true love

15 Jan 2015 22:22

though hard to find,,,,t does exist dia.

16 Jan 2015 00:18

ya it does tho hard to find

17 Jan 2015 15:21

if you have true love....then you will find it.

18 Jan 2015 03:02

trust,faith & truth calls 4 true love just 've da 3, then true love 'll hurt 4 you, gd luck.

18 Jan 2015 20:11

It Has Taken Me Time Thinking Abt It,bt Since We Both've The Same Goal,how About We Get 2 Know Each Other?

19 Jan 2015 14:01

When you get married,true love ends when you get your first born and the rest is story. May be real love exists if you pick a right card

19 Jan 2015 20:13


21 Jan 2015 12:01

man, u see true never dies even if u desperet every tym it geting big

21 Jan 2015 14:55

true love existed in the days of our fathers and great grandparents to find true luve these days its a hustle with the new trends cming up every tyme there no way u going to find true luve.. at tymes its 50-50 luve. so be aware of the crooks u going in for...

21 Jan 2015 19:42


22 Jan 2015 07:47

ts nolonger exists bcoz we live ppl hu truly luv us en go wt thoz hu dnt luv us