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28 Sep 2014 18:48

it haz been worse now for the youths in uganda coz of how certain things are happening, this is for atime said to be poverty en joblessness holding abig post...but we the youth we are condemning the political leaders, en majorily the ruling party for the less it haz done to make the upcoming ones jobless of whicn it haz resulted into many obstacles..! bt since some of us have understood it, what should we do to eliminate this situationz we are facin...? coz everyone whats to reach his o her destiny...?

4 Oct 2014 20:38

We the youth must stop undermining opportunities nomatter how small it may be,please take it fo time being because every journey begins with one step
you cant start from the top always at the bottom so please guys try to do something

31 Mar 2015 11:02

I think it is very important for the Youth to realize their talents and to never let go of these. You know our parents can sometimes kill our talents for a degree. A degree is very good to say, but also your talent can become handy when with a degree you're still on the street searching. I also believe that if your degree is in line with your talent you can hardly fail.

19 Apr 2015 20:57

Political Lines Of Uganda Are All Now Poor It Has Been That Majority Over Mainority Bt It Changed To Richest Over Poorest Wat Da Rich Says Is De Order Of Da Day.

19 Apr 2015 21:40

the politicians shuld hav a yardstick.

19 Apr 2015 21:54

Yaa, I Think Youths Shd Nt Only Focus On De Government In Pr,political & religious Leaders Bt They Shd Also Engage In Manual Wrk In Order 2 Earn A Living,let Nt Only Rely On Degrees,diplomas Though They Agd Bt Even Talents Cn Make Some One 2 Earn A Living En Overcome Being Idle En Jobless

26 May 2015 09:43

Wt de youth hv 2 no iz dat Agreat River Does not Refuse Small Streams .

26 May 2015 16:38

We av 2 plan hard guyz n we atlst start up some thng coz u myt evn fail 2 gt e worst job 2 do with today in uganda.

26 May 2015 17:36

Bt guyz if we unite n share ideas we cn land up on some tng greatful,no matter what level of education we av so long as we are determined,we can b e foundation of our development n change,trust me guys.

26 May 2015 17:37

Creativity and hard work

26 May 2015 17:53

Just wondering how some one who moves wit their head can fail to survive! Youths shd stop lamentng; get out of their comfort zones n bcome job creators! Every other thng in ug sells b it scrap or used kavera! Stop lookng for white-colar jobs n use yo heads! The most rich n affluent pipo hardly hold en degreez or PHDs, who cares abt yo first class degree wit no cash in yo wallet!

27 May 2015 17:04

the goverment shd open the insitiute for youth

27 May 2015 17:40

the government should ensure that other schemes such as youth associations are strongly established and well protected from the act of corruption, coz through this the youth will have a start up of capital to run their own businesses

27 May 2015 20:07

Revert to farming and agriculture

29 May 2015 15:49

the solution is to sit back and reverse ur self & see what u can get out of ur self, here am agd eg koz i managed aft yr