Ugandian forum: Business - Tips and ideas how to earn some money online (from home) in Uganda
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16 Sep 2014 21:56

This topic is dedicated for everyone who is seeking for scam free and trusted ways how to earn money online in Uganda. Let's focus on ways which does not require to have own money. Your time is all you need.
Below are some ideas, but feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas. Let's share and earn together.

1. Make Money Online With Facebook page.
Anyone one can create a Facebook group fan page for a particular gossip page, love tips page or any other page that interests you.
After creating the Facebook page, invite your friends to like the page - you need to collect as big fan base as possible and build authority of your page.
Since your Facebook page has gained authority by getting several likes (the more likes you have -the more money you can expect) - you can start searching for advertisers and tell them about your page and that you are interested in marketing their products through your page in exchange of a commission or a fixed price.
You can use Facebook to sale your products and advertise your services and increase sales.
If you have no idea how to find potential clients/advertisers, you can try to post free advert about your services HERE.

2. Make Money With web portal or blog in Uganda.
You do not need coding skills or money to have own site. There are a lot of free services like, or allowing to create own site for free.
When you create a blog, for you to get returns on the time you invest, you must provide the online community with original content that would be interesting for your potential readers.
Once you get your blog/website running, its time to monetize it. Use Google Adsense program to make money - you will get cash per every click.
Also there are a lot of other advertising networks, paying per click, like or

3. Academic Writing for Students in Europe or USA
This is helping students with their assignments ranging from essays, term papers, dissertations/thesis etc. Usually students seeking these services are from Western Europe, USA, Asia.
There are two ways to make money with academic writing – creating your own website where the students place their orders or working for these websites. Second way is much more effective.

4. Get money from your skills or stuff you don't need anymore
Everyone has unwanted stuff at home - old books, clothing, kids stuff, old phone. No stuff? You can always sell your skills and knowledge. For example you can offer your services as a DJ, Nanny, Tutor, Dancing teacher, etc. The best place to sell your stuff or services- MoboFree marketplace . On MoboFree you can post your advert for FREE and make it visible for millions of buyers across Uganda.

Have any more ideas how to earn online? Share your insights and thoughts here, let's help each other.

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18 Sep 2014 15:22

There are thousands if not millions of people out there who have great ideas but lack the capital to get their ideas off the drawing board.
Crowd Funding is the in thing today when it comes to raising funds for any legitimate business or project. Do you have an idea which requires funding but you don't have the necessary start up capital ?
Check out this Crowd Funding Platform video and get back to me if you find it interesting

Here is the link to join if you like what you see in the above video

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niceness just

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we shall give it a chance

23 Mar 2015 18:19

This sounds good and encouraging. It prompts me to focus and a particular skill and perfect it. So I can let the world benefit from me while I also earn for sustainability.

9 Apr 2015 20:25

little hope

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