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29 Aug 2014 15:17

Nokia Lumia 530 price in Uganda

The Lumia 530 retails for just 270 000 UGX. It will be the first smartphone for a multitude of people, and at that price it will fly off the shelves of every store in Kampala and other Ugandan cities. I already wrote about it and compared with other Cheap Smartphones in Uganda.

Nokia Lumia 530


The detachable back is made of brightly colored plastic (technically, 'polycarbonate'). Colors available: everything from a lurid orange, through a bright powdery blue to more staid white and black options. Flick the rigid plastic case off the back and you gain access to the battery and SIM slots. A removable battery is always a good thing, and we commend the Lumia line-up for sticking with this option.

Cut into the back cover are holes for camera aperture and rear-facing speaker. Along the bottom is a USB charging and connector port, and at the top is a 3.5mm jack for your headphones. Rounding out the back and sides of the Lumia 530 are a volume rocker, and an on/off button that doubles as the camera shutter switch when you are in camera mode.

Interface and performance

Windows Phone 8.1 brings with it a drop down notification bar complete with four customisable quick settings, making the Lumia 530 even easier to use and slightly more welcoming for anyone coming from Android or iOS.

Another feature included in the latest 8.1 update is the ability to add another column of live tiles to your homescreen, although enabling this option on the Lumia 530 can end up making things look a little cramped. I'd recommend sticking with the two default columns.

Another positive feature on the Lumia 530 is the fact that Microsoft (the new owner of Nokia) has done away with the navigation keys below the display, instead moving them on screen for a cleaner, more attractive look.


Motorola Moto E is with a 4.3in qHD (540x960 pixels) panel with an anti-smudge and splashproof coating. This 256ppi screen also uses tough protective Gorilla Glass. The Nokia Lumia 530 uses a 4in (480x854) 245ppi LCD screen.


The Nokia Lumia 530 has a 1430 mAh battery quoted for up to 10 hours of 3G talk time or 22 days of standby time, which compared to smartphones in general is average to just above average but for a low end phone it’s pretty good and a slight improvement on the life of the Lumia 520.


So, in my opinion, this phone is really nothing special, but that’s why it is so cheap. Personally I would better chose the one, which is better, but used, than which is new and low quality. What YOU think about this? Write it down below!

5 Sep 2014 19:07

where do i get a Nokia Lumia 530 in kampala shops

6 Sep 2014 06:51

Where do i get it