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29 Aug 2014 15:16

Nokia Asha 503 Price in Uganda

The Nokia Asha 503 is a fun little affordable feature phone coming in vibrant colorful tones. With a unique glass-like outer coating, it appears as if it’s in a transparent glossy case and is definitely aiming for the younger crowds. Although it does not look cheap, its average cost in Uganda varies around 310 000 UGX, which is relatively low price for a new smartphone. You can compare the prices in my other review Cheap Smartphones in Uganda or find prices online at online marketplace

Nokia Asha 503


The Nokia mobile phone’s camera app is rudimentary. Given that it’s the main feature of this feature phone we’d have liked to have seen a bit more work go into it. There’s no focus option and the absence of a physical shutter key means you have to tap the screen to take pictures.


The Asha 503 features a 3-inch capacitive LCD display (covered with protective Gorilla Glass) supporting 262 thousand colors and not the 16 million we’re used to seeing on most smartphones nowadays. This makes color transitions less smooth and with a very low resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, images look pixelated, not sharp.

Battery life

The 1200mAh battery is small in comparison to smartphones. Although the screen is small, if you use the phone extensively with Wi-Fi enabled, you'll drain the battery quite quickly. Check your social media regularly and you'll be charging every night.


The Nokia Asha 503 is a budget phone with a low-resolution screen, a middling camera and a lackluster browser. While the design both inside and out is eye-catching, it’s not enough to justify the price. I would rather choose a second-handed phone, which is better quality than this one. And what would you do? Express your opinion below!! ☺

1 Sep 2014 19:00

what's the price in uganda shillings?