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27 Aug 2014 16:46

Price in Uganda

The iPhone 5C seems technically a new product -- colorful, cute, with a variety of interchangeable color cases much like the recently released Motorola Moto X -- but under the hood it's really an iPhone 5 with a new paint job, and a this Apple device’s cost varies around 1 400 000 Ugandan shillings. Of course, there are many other good quality phones for lower price like Samsung or Nokia.

Apple iPhone 5C colorful design


Apple's had brightly colored iPods for years, so the iPhone 5C just feels like the extension of that bright-color philosophy into the iPhone line.

It doesn't feel like cheap plastic, though; the smooth, shiny polycarbonate shell around the back feels like a candy lacquer coating.

It's a dense device, heavier than the iPhone 5 by nearly an ounce, but it has a comfortable feel -- maybe even better than the more hard-angled metal iPhone 5/5S. It's a return to the plastic iPhone, three years later.


The iPhone 5C's screen is still the 4in Retina display, which was introduced with the iPhone 5. Although the screen looks crisp and colorful, it's no longer class leading. Full HD is the standard now and, on larger screens, it makes browsing the web, gaming and watching videos easier and more enjoyable.


The 8MP iSight camera delivers startlingly sharp photo quality thanks to features like a sophisticated five element lens. And panorama, which lets you get stunning high resolution shots of things like packed soccer stadiums. Or the high school marching band your friend hired to play “Happy Birthday” outside your window.


iPhone 5C's battery life is relatively good. Unless you hammer the device with constant gaming or video playback, it will last a couple of days with regular and varied use. The phone holds its charge incredibly well when not in use - our sample sat on just one percent for a number of hours.

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