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26 Aug 2014 14:04

HP’s new Chromebook 14 didn’t have to do much to impress people in Uganda. Most other Chromebooks are small, cheaply made machines with underwhelming specs, including measly 11-inch displays. The one exception, of course, is Google’s gorgeous Chromebook Pixel, which almost no one can afford.

The HP Chromebook 14 is affordable at 750 000 UGX, and it has a 14-inch display. It can be found in electronics stores or online marketplaces. It seems not to suffer from the AC-adapter overheating that halted sales of its cousin, the Chromebook 11 (an unfortunate turn of events, because that’s a nice little machine). I understand why most Chromebooks are taking the low road to attract student and casual home users, but the Chromebook 14 is a reasonable middle ground that makes for a much better user experience.

So let’s get deep into the details and analyze the specs, here they are:

• Processor type – Intel Celeron 2955U
• Processor speed – 1400.0 MHz
• Number of cores – 2
• Display size: 14 inches
• Display type – color LCD
• Resolution – 1366 x 768
• Drive size: 16 GB
• Memory size: 2 MP
• SD card: Yes
• Microphone: yes
• Price in Uganda – 750 000 Ugandan shillings

HP Chromebook 14

This HP Chromebook has a bigger display than most of other similar devices. Also it has nice white or colorful design and the battery has a long life. Unfortunately, this HP has very small function and cursor keys and shiny display, which catches a lot of glare and reflection.

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