Ugandian forum: Computers - Acer C7 Chromebook: specs and price in Uganda
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26 Aug 2014 14:03

Google Chromebooks have always been a bit of an outlier, appearing on the scene as tablets surged and netbooks faded away. Fitting somewhere in between these two niches, they offer quick and easy internet access in Uganda for those who prefer a PC-style interface to touchscreen tablets. Google's Chrome OS, however, doesn't offer the full range of possibilities provided by a laptop running Windows, Mac iOS, or Linux.

Compared to the HP, the Acer C7 ups the ante in terms of horsepower while maintaining the Chromebook's attractive features. Its simplicity of use, small-and-light form factor, and $249 price tag make it an ideal client for web browsing. There's a lot to love about this system, but a few things that feel inadequate. Here are the specs and price in Uganda at the end:

Acer C7 Cromebook

• Dimensions: 284 x 200 x 28 mm
• Weight 1.320 kg
• Travelling weight 1.5 kg
• Processor: Intel Celeron 847
• RAM capacity 2 GB
• Memory type: DDR3
• Screen size: 11.6 inches
• Resolution: 1366 x 768
• Drive capacity: 320 GB
• USB ports: x3
• Audio jack: 3.5 mm
• SD card reader: yes
• Microphone: yes
• Webcam: yes
• Operating System: Chrome OS
• Price in Uganda – 650 000 UGX

I think, that this Acer Chomebook is usable, top-value Chrome OS laptop that edges the official Samsung model for value and performance. It has limited operational system and doesn’t work as a normal laptop.

Nevertheless, it is very inexpensive, has quite fast processor, is light and has a good battery. Unfortunately, the keyboard and trackpad are not impressive, also as tinny underside speakers.

In my opinion, it is a good budget device, but it looks cheap and has a lot of limits comparing with a normal laptop.

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