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22 Aug 2014 13:31

Both outside and in, the Xperia X10 offers a bit more than many Android handsets do. Its large display is simply gorgeous, Sony Ericsson multimedia capabilities are impressive, and the user interface is slick and easy to use. The virtual keyboard is good, but I would really love it if it worked across all applications. The Timescape application is worth noting as well, even if it didn't come together quite as I'd hoped. Without a doubt it's practical and pretty, but Timescape's interface is almost too complicated for its own good.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


First things first, this is an elegant device thanks to an uncluttered symmetrical front, subtle chrome trim on the sides, and matt black plastic back – I particularly like the single line formed by the Sony Ericsson and Xperia logos, the camera flash, and the camera. I also immediately noticed the presence of both a normal headphone jack and a micro-USB socket, which are features often (and highly annoyingly) substituted with a proprietary connector on Sony Ericsson devices. The flap over the micro-USB socket is a bit awkward and fiddly but it's not a deal breaker.


Well, I have already found out the 4-inch display equates to a bulky size, but what else does it bring? For one, good image quality, that´s for sure. It features native resolution of 480x854 pixels, but the rather modest, for a device that rolls out in 2010, 65k color support. The screen utilizes TFT technology and its colors are saturated, especially the dominating blue. Still, I cannot say the overall image quality is as impressive as what the Samsung Wave S8500 and its Super AMOLED screen delivers. The display remains usable in direct sunlight, which is great news indeed, but I cannot say it´s something breath-taking really. By the way, the screen comes without oleophobic coating, meaning it can get dirty quite easily.


If you're any kind of Sony Ericsson fan, you'll know that it has a long history of making phones with incredibly good cameras. I've been looking forward to seeing what the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 would be like in terms of photography, and it's easily one of the best out there on the market, with an 8MP snapper with high-power LED flash.
Although the latter is odd - you can't actually use the flash like a flash; instead you have to turn on the 'photo light' and then take the pic. So lots of pictures of people with screwed up and squinty faces, then.


So this Sony smartphone has a really great camera, nice media player, bundled 8GB card, slick operational system it’s easy to backup vital data. But the system sometimes is lagging, the audio quality is not always the best and there is no multi-touch.

Price of Sony mobile phone

Its price in Uganda is around 990 000 UGX , which is quite expensive. You should always remember to check online marketplaces for lower prices phones.

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