Ugandian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - How To Choose The Best Android Phone In Uganda?
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21 Aug 2014 13:43

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in Uganda and the rest of world. There are many different shapes and specifications phones on the market, and various brands, which produce mobile gadgets with this operational system: HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony.

Android features

The main feature of this operational system is the ability to customize it. Each phone manufacturer is able to tweak the operating system to change the look; so one Android phone doesn’t necessarily look and work quite the same as another. You can also tinker with your Android phone’s widgets and homes screen to create a phone that’s very personal to you.

Android phones prices

Android smartphones range in price from budget models that you can pick up for under 430 000 UGX to advanced devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 that can cost over 2 200 000 UGX.

Android phones design

As each phone maker can tweak how Android looks, the quality of the interface can vary, and no two handsets may look and work in exactly the same way. This can be an important factor in choosing an Android smartphone – our advice is to try before you buy to make sure you like the interface on a particular handset.

Different Android phones

Display of Android phones

While Apple has boosted the size of its iPhone 5 display to 4 inches, if you’re after a smartphone with the biggest screen possible then Android is the clear winner. Many Android phones have 4.3-inch or 4.7-inch screens, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inch display. Big is not always better, but with Android you can choose between smaller phones and ones with larger screens that are ideal for watching videos and web browsing.

If you would like to get in to details of certain Android mobile hones, then here are my forum posts with reviews: Samsung Galaxy S2: specs and price in Uganda and Latest HTC phones and prices in Uganda.

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