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20 Aug 2014 13:29

The iPhone 4 is an iOS smartphone developed by Apple Inc. The iPhone 4 introduced a new hardware design to the iPhone line in Uganda. This Apple smartphone received generally positive reception between Ugandan people, with critics praising its revamped design and more powerful hardware in comparison to previous models. Keep reading and get to know more about this mobile phone!

iPhone 4 price in Uganda

This beautiful smartphone would cost you around 1 000 000 UGX. It is an average price for phones like this, but if you are looking for a cheaper option, check Nokia or Samsung phones.

Iphone 4 design

Apple created absolutely new design for Iphone 4 comparing it with Iphone 3. The new phone is only 0.27 inches thin. There is no plastic, only very had glass and silver bezel. This glass is 30 times harder than plastic and it can be compared to sapphire crystal. There is and aluminum strip between the two pieces of glass, which serves as an antenna for 3G, WI-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connections.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4


This Iphone 4 smartphone has 5MP camera with LED flash. Rather than chopping up their sensor even more to join the aforementioned megapixel race, Apple went with a more modest increase to 5mp but increased the size and quality of the sensor, and added back illumination at the same time. That means each pixel is bigger and better at absorbing light which translates into higher quality images, especially at low light. (And they even threw in an LED flash for good measure.)


At the first sight this smartphone is simply gorgeous. The new screen resolution is 960x640. To the human eye is almost like a digital print. You can’t see any individual pixels with this phone. When you see things like that on the Retina Display, things just change completely. It's crisp and pure the whole way in, and while we're not saying that it's the most necessary thing out there, it's really cool and adds an element of wow-factor.


Along the sides you'll find the few, familiar buttons and ports -- 3.5mm headset (still flush), noice-canceling mic, sleep/wake button, microSIM card slot (along the side now), speaker, 30-pin dock connector, phone mic, volume up and down buttons (separate now, not a rocker), and the ring/silent switch. On the front, below the screen (which we'll get to in a moment) is the home button. Above the screen is the ear speaker and the new front-facing, VGA (640x480) camera.


iPhone 4 ships with iOS 4, the fourth annual update to Apple's mobile operating system. It is not Android, but good as well, maybe even better.

I hope that you liked this review, and if you are interested in Iphones, I recommend you to read my other post on Iphone 6 rumours in Uganda.

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