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20 Aug 2014 13:26

10 simple steps how to make extra cash in Uganda

If you are looking for an opportunity to make extra cash in Uganda, then I have some good news for you. Today I will reveal you a secret, how you can make at least $5 to $10 every day! I have tried this by myself and can assure you, that this is a real thing. I want us to live in better and happier place; therefore I want you to share this secret with you. ☺

Make money online with MoboFree

MoboFree company is the one, which is going to pay you. It’s a platform, where people make new friends, buy, sell and swap their things or just talk with each other. This company now is offering an affiliate program in Uganda. It means that they will pay you money for every user invited to join this website. Here are 10 simple steps how to do it:

1. Create your personal account: click to register.

2. Open Affiliate Program at the end of this site or click: Join Affiliate Program.

3. Register for this program. Press the green button “SIGN UP FOR FREE NOW!”

4. Write your username, password, email and website. Also enter personal information.

5. Wait. If everything is OK, then your account will be approved within 48 hours.

6. Welcome to he club! You will get an email, which confirms your registration. Click the link in it to login to your affiliate account.

7. Then, choose the banners or text ads provided by MoboFree.

8. Upload them on your site or blog with your special link, which assures, that every user who registers, is counted to YOUR affiliate account and start driving traffic to MoboFree.

9. Enjoy growing revenue!!! You will get from 0.12 to 0.30 USD per users who joins MoboFree.

10. Get your first payment after you collect $100 ☺

I hope this will help you and we all will live in better place. ☺ You can also read my other posts on: How to make money online or online jobs in Uganda or How to find a job in Kampala and all Uganda - tips and advices.

Also, leave me a comment, how did you succeed in this! I would like to hear your story.

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