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18 Aug 2014 11:57

Rumors about the next-generation iPhone in Uganda have been picking up over the course of the last few months, as suppliers gear up for a September launch date following a September 9 iPhone event. The majority of rumors have been focused on the screen size of the device, which is expected to increase significantly. It is not for sale yet, so you can choose from a variety of other Iphone smartphones for sale.

Iphone 6 display size

In fact, it looks as though we're going to get two iPhone 6 models. First up is the 4.7-inch model, which is the direct replacement for the outgoing iPhone 5S. Next, is a larger phablet, the 5.5in model, which may also be called the iPhone Air to avoid any confusion between models? Just the 4.7-inch model is a big jump in screen size, as you can see in the image below, which shows a dummy iPhone 6 with an iPhone 5S sat on top of it. It has similar display to other smartphones like Samsung phones

Iphone 6

Iphone 6 battery

The iPhone 6 is set to have a bigger battery. The 4.7in version is said to have a battery of between 1,800mAh and 1,900mAh, while the larger 5.5in version is said to have a much larger 2,500mAh battery. Compared to the 1,560mAh battery installed in the iPhone 5S, that's an increase of between 15 and 20 per cent over the iPhone 5S for the smaller iPhone 6, and a 60 per cent increase for the larger model. We wouldn't get too excited, though. The biggest power drain on a phone is the screen and a larger screen uses a lot more power. As a result, we're expecting both iPhone 6 models to retain the same battery life as the iPhone 5S, with the possibility of a small improvement, based on a more efficient Apple A8 SoC.

Iphone 6 glass

One of the big rumors surrounding both iPhone 6 models, was that they were designed to be tougher, even practically unbreakable, thanks to new sapphire glass screens, which are a lot tougher than Gorilla Glass. In fact, sapphire glass, a man-made material, has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, putting it just behind diamond. Then, Apple invested a staggering amount of money into GT Advanced Technologies in order to produce sapphire glass for its new handsets

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