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14 Aug 2014 13:18

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a really good device. With long battery life, a stunning screen and an especially thin and light design, it's a near-perfect product. The main hang-up is that the performance doesn't always feel as brisk as it should (the forthcoming LTE edition uses a different chip, and has the potential to be faster, but it's unreasonable to ask someone to pay extra for the kind of performance they should have gotten on the Wi-Fi - only models).

Where to buy cheap Samsung Tabs?

There are a few options to find a Samsung tablet in Uganda:

1. you can buy used Samsung from your friend,
2. you can also buy Samsung devices from electronics stores in Kampala,
3. you can buy tablets on the internet from online marketplaces for the lowest price on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S interface and Performance

Taken as a whole, the Android OS still feels more awkward and clumsy on a tablet than it does on a smartphone, perhaps because many apps are simply stretched to fill the space.
The Tab S could use some dedicated tablet apps (like the best apps on the iPad) that feel more specifically configured to use the extra room.
The good news is Samsung is working with a number of vendors to create those very apps, although I doubt there will be that many in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Design
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Design

Display of Samsung Galaxy Tab S

There's also the size to consider. At 6.6mm thick, the two Galaxy Tab S tablets are skinnier than both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display. (Sony's Xperia Z2 Tablet beats them all, at 6.35mm thick.) The Galaxy Tab S is lighter than Apple's tablets, too: The 10-inch version weighs a pound (the same as the 9.7-inch iPad), while the 8-inch model comes in at 0.63 pound (10 ounces), beating out the Retina display iPad mini. I say all that to illustrate how dang thin this guy is. It's one thing to parrot Samsung's marketing material and say it's as thick as five credit cards. It's another to tell you that it's even thinner than two popular tablets that are already known for being skinny.

Its price is - 1 000 000 Ush

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