Ugandian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - Where and how to buy Samsung Duos in Uganda?
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14 Aug 2014 13:16

Best way to reduce your phone’s price is to buy it used. Nevertheless, buying a used one in Uganda involves some risks, therefore you have to be very careful and USE SEVERAL TIPS:

1. Find the best price!

Put a little research first, get through different online marketplaces like MoboFree and all the people who are selling it. Compare the prices and specs. Maybe the cheapest phone isn’t even working? Compare Samsung Duos prices at online marketplaces.

2.Check the accessories

Make sure, that the phone from the seller you’ve chosen has all the accessories included. If they are not, then there might be a possibility, that this phone is stolen!

The accessories usually are:
• Charging cable
• Headphones
• MicroSD card
• Box

What you should find in the box when buying a phone:

3. Check the phone

Check it when you meet the person BEFORE you have paid the money:

• Run the service code test. For example, typing "*#0*#" (without the quotes) on the Samsung Galaxy S3 will start the LCD Test to check different aspects like your touch screen, dimming, speaker, cameras, receiver, vibration, RGB, sensors, and more.
• Pop in your SIM card. Make a call, send a text, and browse to your favorite website. It's the best way to check those parts of the phone are working well. If the phone is locked to a network and your SIM isn't from that carrier, you'll find out immediately with this simple test.
• If It Opens, Open It. Any flap, cover, port that can be opened—like a push-pin slot for SIM or microSD cards—needs to be tested so open it and check that it's fine.
• Check all the ports. Pop your own headphones into the handset and check if they are working. Connect the charger cable you got to your laptop and see if it's charging by that port. Then run these checks with the packaged accessories too.

I think that you should also read the my review with prices on Samsung Duos in Uganda, click: Samsung Duos in Uganda: review and prices

If you didn’t like this phone, the check other cheap phones on the market!

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